The Ekaterina Serum is the serum of the Ekaterina branch. Taking this serum will grant the consumer immense intelligence and inventiveness. It is composed of the following Clues:


Gideon Cahill completed the master serum by 1507. He gave the Ekaterina Serum to Katherine Cahill, and she hid the ingredients as Clues. Katherine was also forced to take one of Thomas's Clues, after he married a Portuguese woman and held them in Portugal for 3 years. This led to the Ekaterinas and the Tomas to be enemies. However, the Ekaterina retained their knowledge, not losing track of any Clues. Robert Cahill Henderson was considered one of the closest to remaking this serum, as though he had only the first 38 Clues but ironically, he couldn't find the last one (which was the Clue water) until his laboratory was destroyed. Before the volcano his laboratory was on erupted, he an Ekat, wrote a poem "The very waves sang the song I knew." It is unknown if anyone, except Katherine, has drank the serum, because even though Henderson had the 38 Clues, the one he was missing was Ekaterina. It also contains the least amount of Clues (Only 7 Clues to complete the Ekaterina serum), but also after the terrible accident he still tried. Like the Tomas Serum, no team found it alone in the first series.


Vespers Rising

Gideon Cahill gave the Ekaterina serum to his oldest daughter, Katherine.


This is the easiest serum to make on the 39 Clues website, because four of the ingredients can be found in missions, two inbooks, and only one in a card combo, and even this can be obtained by using a replicator card that you will regain for finding the Clue, anyway.

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