Here is advice to pass to your grandchildren someday: Trust no one.
— Drago

Drago (last name unknown) was a non-Cahill ally of Grace Cahill when she was only 13 years old on her first mission. He appeared and died in 'Vespers Rising.'

After Grace Cahill can not get any one to take her to Casablanca in the middle of war, Drago offers to take her, for a price. Grace offers him ten thousand dollars, but he will only accept for twenty thousand. Drago saves Grace when she is captured by Spanish soldiers in Spain. He dies after being hit by a piece of shrapnel.

Known personal facts

  • Drago is a World War II fighter.
  • Drago died helping Grace Cahill. This is the first death she ever witnessed the Clue Hunt take.
  • Drago has a plane named 'Olga.' Originally he says that it's named after his gun, which he claims to be fond of. Just before he dies he tells Grace that his plane is really named after his daughter.
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