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Victory Lap is the fourth mission of Doublecross. It is also the last and final mission of The 39 Clues series. It released on June 28th, alongside Mission Atomic.

Message from Cahill Command[]

Hi there, Agent

For some reason, Dan has disappeared to goodness knows where on some secret mission. I'm no particularly concerned, as we all know that "secret mission" can mean "playing video games for 48 hours while eating nothing but Skittles and Mountain Dew." But Dan says he's in over in his head and needs your helps. He requested you specifically. So, what do you say? Can you help him?




Track Dan to help him out on whatever he is into. Well, you'll be surprised in the end.

Track Dan Cahill[]

Check the phone, Dan sent a picture. Zoom in the picture and you can tell he is in Switzerland. Once there, go ski down the snowy plains. As you ski down, you picked up some disguises. Pick up the wig, hat, and sunglasses to continue forward.

Then, there's Hamilton and Reagan Holt halt you. He gets to ask you a series of questions to proof you are a Cahill. The questions are regarding from the Clue Hunt till now. When you answered all questions correctly, they will let you go into the chalet.

Surprise Party[]

It's not even a kidnapping case, it's a lure to a surprise party. Amy and the gang decide that we should deserve all the fun after helping them a lot throughout their struggles.