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Deborah "Debi Ann" Pierce (née Starling) is the wife of J. Rutherford Pierce. She is also a Starling.


Nowhere to Run[]

She is seen arranging her collection of Busque dolls or porcelain dolls. There is a hint that Debi Ann drank the Janus serum because of her constant rearraging of her collections (means Art). In Nowhere to Run, she is mentioned in the page code along with Abigail Adams. The full code reads: Debi Ann and Abigail Adams.

In the cemetery, Aunt Beatrice states that Deborah Starling got a prenup with "that horrible political man."


She appears when Pierce is meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, curtsying the Queen when Pierce instructed her not to. She is later revealed to be a Starling when interviewers interview her and Pierce. Later on, she is revealed to be getting more and more suspicious about her husband's motives.


She is interviewing an online magazine reporter about her teddy bears until she is stopped by one of Pierce's goons. When she demands Pierce why he sent someone to interrupt her interview, Pierce complains that Debi Ann was not like Martha Washington. Debi Ann thinks that Pierce was thinking about Hope Cahill (who Pierce loved), but he was actually thinking of Letitia Tyler, who died in office. It was now that Debi Ann knew that Pierce was planning to kill her.

When the antidote ruckus was happening, Debi Ann went up to the podium and acted all sad about what the Pierce's were going to do with 100,000 clams, which were freshly caught for the "All-American Clambake" in which Pierce was going to announce that he was intending to run for presidency. Pierce then pushed his wife away, only to realize that he was bullying his wife, and it was literally broadcasted around the world. She is then helped to her feet by Jonah Wizard, and makes her last appearance. Four months later, Debi Ann filed for divorce from Pierce with help from a Lucian lawyer resulting in her taking much of Pierce's funds and likely gaining custody of Cara and Galt from him.



  • Deborah Starling; her given name.
  • Debi Ann Stapleton; her "corrected" name before she was married to Pierce, due to Pierce not wanting people to find out she is a Cahill.
  • Debi Ann Pierce; her current name.