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Copper is a Clue that can be located by adding the Ultra-Rare of Card Pack 1, Card 60: X-Ray.


Card 60: X-Ray


Amy and Dan's mother, Hope Cahill, never took an X-Ray exam. Nobody knew why, but the shocking truth was revealed when she was hurt in a car accident: a special computer chip in her wrist contained data about a Clue.


The scene first shows an X-ray of Hope's arm. It zooms in on the microchip. The X-ray decodes it, and after that, the X-ray disappears with stripes of blue light, and the word COPPER appears.

About Copper[]

Copper is chemical element with the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It's used in wiring, building materials, and other various uses. Copper has been used longer than any other common metal, which may be why it's a Clue. It is used as plating on pennies.


The copper symbol

Copper Beans

Copper Rings