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Ching Shih was a female pirate who lived in the 1800s. She was a Lucian pirate who evaded capture throughout her life. It is known that Natalie Kabra idolizes her.


Ching Shih was born in Canton, China in 1785. Most of her early life remains a mystery; however, in her later years, she helped her husband rule his pirate fleet. But when her husband, Ching Yi, died, Ching Shih took control of his fleet. It was said that she ruled with an iron fist and dealt out punishments to those who defied her. If you stole some of her plunder, you were beheaded. Deserting cost you your ears. If you hid booty, you were flogged the first time and executed the second. The Chinese military tried unsuccessfully to capture her. Bounty hunters tried their hand as well, but they did not succeed.

In 1810, the government of China offered Ching Shih a deal. She could keep her treasure and not be punished if she agreed to the terms. She agreed, and most of her men received the same deal. Out of all her men, only 126 were executed. The rest were given positions in power, such as military or political positions.

She retired, marrying a new husband and having children. She opened a gambling house in her retirement, after her new husband died. Then, at the age of 59, she died, having lived a great life and leaving behind a great legacy.

Natalie Kabra's School Report

This article is from the Cahill Web, concerning Natalie Kabra's Historical Figure Report.

The historical figure I admire most is Ching Shih. She was a fearsome pirate who didn't let anyone boss her around. She only agreed to marry her husband because he promised to give her half his money. When he died, Ching Shih took over his pirate business. She commanded over 50,000 men and 1,000 pirate ships. Everyone in China was afraid of her. When she got sick of terrorizing the high seas, she struck a deal with the government. She gave up her weapons but kept all her loot. Ching Shih is an excellent role model because she didn’t let anyone stand in her way. She would even kill people when necessary. I try to...[rest of article deleted due to excessive violence]

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