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Card Pack 4: End Game (also known as Card Pack 4: Ultimate Card Pack) is the fourth card pack. It is for books 9 and 10, Storm Warning and Into the Gauntlet. It has 16 cards per pack.


A pack has 16 cards out of the 34 available for this Card Pack. Cards are placed in the pack at random, and it is possible to get multiple copies of one card. Some cards are very rare, while others are quite common. There are NO common cards. They only go down to uncommon. An Ultimate Replicator is also included, when redeemed online it will give you 10 Replicators.

Card 214: Jonah Live
Card 215: Josephine Baker
Card 216: La Sagrada Familia
Card 217: Portugal Air Space
Card 218: Surveillance Truck
Card 219: Mariana Trench
Card 226: Alistair the Underdog
Card 227: Gordon Oh
Card 228: City of Spies
Card 229: Cahill DNA
Card 230: Superspy Knife
Card 231: Ekat Agent Boot
Card 232: Vikram Kabra
Card 233: Winston Churchill
Card 234: Morocco
Card 235: Deep Sea Surveillance
Card 236: Poison Cuff Link
Card 237: Isabel's Charms
Card 238: Mary-Todd Holt
Card 239: Buchanan Holt
Card 240: Machu Picchu
Card 241: Scuba Kitty
Card 242: Scoreboard Code
Card 243: Spy Sea Lion
Card 244: Nellie Gomez
Card 245: Great Wall Amy
Card 246: Arthur Trent
Card 247: Hope's Grave
Card 248: Fiske's Last Chance
Card 249: Madeleine's Book
Card 250: Sneaky Dan
Card 251: Florence Nightingale
Card 252: Easter Island Stronghold
Card 253: Card Replicator

Man in Black Secrets[]


The doctors tell me these are my last days. My plans are laid and cannot be changed. But the odds of success are slim. I lost my daughter to this wretched business. And I shiver when I think of the dreadful legacy I pass down to Amy and Dan.


  • This is the only card pack with no common cards.
  • This is the only card pack with all 4 ultra-rares and at least one ultra-rare per card pack.
  • It looks like the logo's catching fire.
  • This is the last card pack in the 39 clues series before the Cahills vs. Vespers
  • In some copies of the pack, you can get Card 141: The Sandstone City, which is also a Card Pack 2 card.