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'Card Pack 3: The Rise of the Madrigals is the third card pack. It is for books 7 and 8, The Viper's Nest and The Emperor's Code.' It has 16 cards and a 'Secret Madrigal Files' bonus. This contains information which show something the Madrigals stole from another branch they stole coded messages from the Lucians, a coded message from the Ekats along with a decoder and a puzzle, from the Janus a map they think might help track the Madrigals and yet another code and newspaper and letter cuttings from the Tomas.


A pack has 16 cards out of the 53 available for this card pack. Cards are placed in the pack at random, and it is possible to get multiple copies of one card. Some cards are very rare, while others are quite common. Note: This list excludes the Cards from Book 7 and Book 8. They are:

The Viper's Nest

The Emperor's Code

Card 151: Sophie Watson O
Card 152: Cora WizardOO
Card 153: Broderick WizardO
Card 154: Emperor Maximilian OO
Card 155: South Pole OO
Card 156: Hollywood Hideout O
Card 157: Ambrose Bierce O
Card 158: The Last Message OO
Card 159: Hagia Sophia Treasure OO
Card 160: Sir Walter Raleigh OOO
Card 167: Devin Cooper O
Card 168: Bae Oh
Card 169: Teodora Kosara
Card 170: T.E. Lawrence OO
Card 171: Egyptian Desert
Card 172: British Museum O
Card 173: Rosetta Stone
Card 174: Alistair Oh's Cane
Card 175: Madagascar Jungle
Card 176: Spy Penny OOO
Card 177: Isabel Kabra O
Card 178: Ian Kabra OO
Card 179: Andras Gergely O
Card 180: Napoleon Bonaparte OO
Card 181: Tower of London O
Card 182: Moscow Stronghold OO
Card 183: Fire Investigation
Card 184: Lord Byron's Death
Card 185: The Missing Colony OO

Card 186: The Lost Expedition O

Card 187: Madison Holt O
Card 188: Ivan Kleister
Card 189: Maleia Kalani
Card 190: Sir John Franklin OO
Card 191: National Palace
Card 192: North Pole
Card 193: Execution Order O
Card 194: Sky Message
Card 195: Antarctic Arnold OO
Card 196: Raleigh's Map OOO
Card 197: Aviator Grace O
Card 198: Fiske Cahill
Card 199: Teams One and Six O
Card 200: Teams Three and Seven O
Card 201: Teams Two and Five O
Card 202: Paratrooper Saladin OOO
Card 203: Man in Black OOO
Card 204: Hagia Sophia OOO
Card 205: Nellie's Playlist OOO
Card 206: Angkor OOOO
Card 207: Card Replicator O

Secret Madrigal Files[]

The Secret Madrigal files contain a card checklist of packs 1-3, a Janus map of suspected Madrigal activity, Tomas tips when encountering Madrigals, Ekat codes and Lucian letters, all with comments by Grace.


  • Page 1: They seek to destroy us
  • Page 3: Madrigal stronghold=Attleboro
  • Pages 3 & 4: They will strike again
  • Page 5: They do not care who they hurt
  • Page 6: For the very last time-I will NOT investigate Madrigal Islands. I don't care COMPLETE this form if you think I'm a coward-all the brave have died!
  • Page 6: I found nothing in Cambodia and are now in danger. The Madrigals everywhere.
  • Page 6: The evidence points to the unthinkable-that James Cahill is a Madrigal! There are top threats on Edith's life.