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Card Pack 2: Branch vs. Branch is the second card pack. It is for books 4-6, Beyond the Grave, The Black Circle, and In Too Deep. It has 16 cards and "Secret Clue Records."


A pack has 16 cards out of the 54 available for this card pack. Cards are placed in the pack at random, and it is possible to get multiple copies of one card. Some cards are ultra-rare, while others are quite common while some are super common.

List of Cards[]

Card 80: Jonah Wizard
Card 81: Leslie D. Mill
Card 82: Jane Cahill
Card 83: Henry Morton Stanley
Card 84: Neuschwanstein Castle
Card 85: Keats's Grave
Card 86: The Book Code
Card 87: Spy Pigeon
Card 88: Alien Abduction
Card 89: Jonah's Journal
Card 96: Sombrero Alistair
Card 97: Yasmeen Badawi
Card 98: Thomas Edison
Card 99: Katherine Cahill
Card 100: The Sabotaged Lab
Card 101: Cairo Hotel
Card 102: The ClueCraft 3000
Card 103: The Ludwig Conspiracy
Card 104: Mad King Ludwig
Card 105: HAHO
Card 112: Natalie Kabra
Card 113: Chrissy Collins
Card 114: Gustave Eiffel
Card 115: Luke Cahill
Card 116: Area 51
Card 117: Eiffel's Masterpieces
Card 118: Locked Up
Card 119: Airport Security
Card 120: Crown of St. Stephen
Card 121: The Emperor's Promise
Card 122: Mateo Sanchez
Card 123: Reagan Holt
Card 124: Thomas Cahill
Card 125: George Monroe
Card 126: Victoria Falls
Card 127: Mt. Fuji
Card 128: Alcatraz Lighthouse
Card 129: The Tattoos
Card 130: Urban Climbing
Card 131: Shuriken
Card 132: Abigail Adams
Card 133: Criminal Grace
Card 134: Stealth Plane
Card 135: The Ghost Town
Card 136: X-Ray Goggles
Card 137: William's Heritage
Card 138: The Polished Spy
Card 139: The Thumbprint
Card 140: The Cat Burglar
Card 141: The Sandstone City
Card 142: Money
Card 143: Card Replicator
Card 144: Prestige

Secret Clue Records[]

The Secret Clue Records are the first booklet with 'Card Checklist'.


  • $6.99 in the US
  • $7.99 in Canada
  • ₤4.99 in the UK