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'Card Pack 1' redirects here. For the 1st card pack of the Cahills vs. Vespers series, go to Card Pack 1: The Marco Polo Heist.

Card Pack 1: Secrets and Sabotage is the first card pack. It is for the first three books, The Maze of Bones, One False Note, and The Sword Thief. It has 16 cards and a 'Clue Finder Guide.'


A pack has 16 cards out of the 58 available for this card pack. Cards are placed in the pack at random, and it is possible to get multiple copies of one card. Some cards are rare, while others are quite common.

Card 6: Thomas Jefferson
Card 7: Maria Marapao
Card 8: Ophir Dhupam
Card 9: Harry Houdini
Card 10: Flying Ace
Card 11: Hidden Notes
Card 12: Taj Mahal
Card 13: Frankenstein
Card 14: Imposters
Card 15: Telegram
Card 16: Eagle Eye
Card 23: Victor Wood
Card 24: Lilya Chernova
Card 25: Astronomer Royal
Card 26: Marie Curie
Card 27: Loch Ness
Card 28: CERN
Card 29: Bermuda Triangle
Card 30: The Hypnotist
Card 31: HALO
Card 32: Mechanical Sense
Card 39: Gordon Klose
Card 40: Alana Flores
Card 41: Ace of Spies
Card 42: Ching Shih
Card 43: Bletchley Park
Card 44: Salem Witches
Card 45: Listening Devices
Card 46: Poison Ring
Card 47: Snake Charmer
Card 48: Magic Box
Card 49: Paul Addison
Card 50: Heinrich Heinrichson
Card 51: Gertrude Ederle
Card 52: Annie Oakley
Card 53: Alcatraz
Card 54: The Northern Race
Card 55: The Golden Fleece
Card 56: The Ghurkas

Card 57: Parkour

Card 58: Navigation Sense
Card 59: Young Grace
Card 60: X-Ray
Card 61: Carnival
Card 62: Klose's Notes
Card 63: Ghost Ship
Card 64: Mt. Rushmore
Card 65: Grimm Tales
Card 66: Blackberry
Card 67: NY Subway
Card 68: Grace's Hideaway
Card 69: Money
Card 70: Money

Card 71: Money

Card 72: Prestige
Card 73: Card Replicator

Clue Finder Guide[]

This Clue Finder Guide has the only family tree available in the 39 Clues. It is also the only booklet without a card checklist. It has information on every character in the books that are hunting the Clues excluding the Starlings.


  • $6.99 in the US
  • $7.99 in Canada
  • ₤4.99 in the UK
  • $10.65 in Singapore
  • 69.9in Hong Kong