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Card 95: Police Report
Branch: Ekaterina
Type: Secret
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: No
Clue: Yes
Top Secret: Yes
Where To Get This Card: The Black Circle


"Alistair Oh was devastated by the death of Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. According to the police report, Alistair had been planning a late-night visit with his favorite relatives but arrived after the deadly fire began. However, it seems that he had trouble recalling details from that night. Did grief affect his memory? Or was Hope's favorite uncle hiding something about his role in the tragic "accident"?"

Top Secret[]

A computer chat between Hope Cahill and Alistair Oh the day before the Trent fire. Alistair was trying to give hidden warnings about visitors that should come in the next day (Isabel and the others that would burn the Trent's house) and trying to tell Hope to get out from the house. The dialogue is as follows:

BurritoBaron (Alistair): Are you and Arthur still free for dinner tomorrow? My plane arrives at 6:00.

Hope_C (Hope): Definitely! Just come over. Arthur's making his famous lasagna.

BurritoBaron: Oh...I thought I'd take you all out. Somewhere child friendly, of course.

Hope_C: We try to avoid taking Dan to restaurants. It's expensive paying for all those broken plates...and dry cleaning bills.

BurritoBaron: Well, come to my hotel then. We'll all get room service.

Hope_C: Uncle Alistair, why don't you want to come to our house? Is it because Dan locked you in the closet last time?

BurritoBaron: No no. I just thought that you'd fancy a night out. Not worrying about answering the phone, or dealing with unexpected visitors...

Hope_C: Visitors? What are you talking about?

BurritoBaron: Oh, May in Boston is so lovely. I assumed you'd have lots of distant relatives coming to visit you.

Hope_C: Nope.

BurritoBaron: Well, it's just that, you see...hold on, how secure is your computer?

Hope_C: Why? What are you trying to tell me?

Hope_C: Hello? Are you there??

BurritoBaron: Yes. I'll see you tomorrow. Take care of yourself until then, dear girl.

Hope_C: OK...see you tomorrow!


This card, combined with Card 90, Card 91, Card 92, Card 93, and Card 94, forms the Clue Amber.