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Card 89: Jonah's Journal
Number: 89
Branch: Janus
Type: Secret
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: No
Clue: Yes
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: Card Pack 2


"Jonah Wizard doesn't go anywhere without his journal. He never knows when inspiration will strike. He came up with the idea for teddy bear bling while brushing his teeth. (Did Mozart compose music while brushing his teeth? Ha! Hardly. Actually, he probably did...bad example.) Jonah also scribbles important reminders to himself, like booking plane tickets to Venezuela. But why would Jonah make his own travel plans when he has multiple assistants? And why would he research Simon Bolivar when any librarian in the country would happily do it for him? Is Jonah up to something he wants to keep secret? Collect all cards in this combination to unlock a Clue!"


This card, combined with Card 92, Card 121, and Card 122, forms the Clue Lead.