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Card 448: The Unexpected Heroes
Branch: Madrigal
Type: Agent
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: Yes
Clue: No
Top Secret: Yes
Where To Get This Card: MYCLUEHUNT

Fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill's life used to be normal. She spent her free time reading, hiding from her cranky Aunt Beatrice, and making sure her eleven-year-old brother, Dan, didn't wear his ninja costume to school. At least, not every day. But all that changed at their grandmother's will reading when Amy and Dan were given a life-changing choice between two legacies--a million dollars . . . or the first of 39 Clues that lead to a priceless family secret. Amy and Dan think they're up to the challenge. That is, if Amy can convince her brother to leave the ninja costume at home.


Puzzle: There's a coded note at the bottom of the photo. What is the message?

Answer: Don't keep them from their destiny.

Level: 1