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Card 431: The Clue Hunter
Number: 431
Branch: Madrigal
Type: Secret
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: Yes
Clue: No
Top Secret: Yes
Where To Get This Card: ARROW4CODE


"The hunt for the 39 Clues has taken Dan Cahill and his sister, Amy, to some of the most dangerous locations on earth. They've faced explosions, angry monks, even angrier ninjas, and became the first people in recent memory to escape a Lucian Black Circle. Needless to say, the Kabras were NOT happy about that one. How far will they go to make sure Amy and Dan never embarrass the Lucians again? Let's just say it makes a ninja attack look like child's play..."

Puzzle Edit[]

Question: What does the coded message say?

Answer: He must not find the Clue.

Level: 3

Top Secret[]

A letter to Tomas agents about Dan Cahill.