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Card 275: Vesper Messenger
Number: 275
Branch: Vesper
Type: Agent
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: Yes Level 3
Clue: N/A
Top Secret: N/A
Where To Get This Card: A King's Ransom


"After keeping their existence secret for centuries, the Vespers have developed some cunning communication methods. When Vesper One needs to send important information--or an urgent execution order--he doesn't risk using a phone or e-mail. Instead, he relies on a messenger specially trained to track down any person on earth, no matter where they are...or how desperately they're hiding."


The Vesper Messenger is already on the move! But someone left a code behind. But what does it mean?

The message is on the umbrella behind the messenger, in Morse code.

Answer: Look north east.

Level: 3