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Card 273: Sedlec Ossuary
Number: 273
Branch: Vesper
Type: Location
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: No
Clue: No
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: A King's Ransom


"This 15th century Gothic church in the Czech Republic is famous for its exquisite interior decorations made entirely of human bones. In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, there are rumors that it served as a stronghold for a secret organization. What kind of group would hold secret meetings surrounded by skeletons? We'll give you six guesses...."

Card Importance[]

  • Amy and Dan went here in order to learn about the whereabouts of the hostages, tipped off by Sinead hacking into Cheyenne's phone they got earlier.
  • Sinead then says that the last text from Cheyenne's phone came from a computer down in a secret passage. They ventured into it but they found the following info:

"V-1 report

infiltrated family w/ two children. Left MA w/ mission complete. information successfully destroyed. No suspicion from G. Coverup successful. Mother deceased. Children are--"

  • Dan also found A.J.T. 11/77 carved into one part of the wall, which made him think that Arthur Trent is a Vesper.