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Card 259: Vesper Transmission
Number: 259
Branch: Vesper
Type: Secret
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: Yes
Clue: No
Top Secret: Unknown
Where To Get This Card: Vespers Rising

Card 259: Vesper Transmission is a card found with the book Vespers Rising.


The Vespers know that the Madrigals are monitoring their activity, which is why they encrypt their most important messages. But how do they crack the code without a cipher? "The Book of Vespers" might hold the key to decoding the message, but it would take a particularly brave Cahill agent to go find it. According to Madrigal intelligence, the book is hidden in a dangerous Vesper stronghold.


The puzzle is to crack the code on the front of the card. Each number corresponds to its respective letter in the following passage on page forty-three of "The Book of Vespers."

"Kindness is a tool for the weak minded who know no better. Fear equals power, violence lead to control. destruction is the key to victory and greatness."

This is an actual quote of Damien Vesper.


The decoded message is "New leadership is in place. Vesper One is in position. Targets identified. Wait for signal from Vesper Two. Cahill reign is over. Era of Vespers begin." The puzzle solution is Vesper Two.