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This uncommon card is available from Card Pack 4.

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Card 226: Alistair the Underdog
Number: 226
Branch: Ekaterina
Type: Agent
Rarity: Uncommon
Puzzle: No
Clue: Yes
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: Card Pack 4


"After his parents died, Alistair Oh was sent to live with his uncle Bae. Yet, far from nurturing his orphaned nephew, Bae spent the next 50 years calling Alistair a disappointment and a failure. He even worked to make him the laughingstock of the Ekaterina branch. As a child, Alistair was convinced it was his fault--that he deserved to be ridiculed. However, he recently made a shocking discovery that changed everything. Bae was responsible for his father's murder. Now, Alistair understands the reason for his uncle's cruelty toward him. The ugly look that crossed Bae's face whenever he saw Alistair wasn't hatred - it was guilt."


This card, combined with cards 231, 240 and 242, unlocks the Clue Cocoa.