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Card 201: Teams Two and Five
Number: 201
Branch: Madrigal
Type: Secret
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: No
Clue: No
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: Card Pack 3


"This photo was taken at Grace's funeral, just before the will reading that kicked off the official competition to find the 39 Clues. No one knew why Grace chose the Holts, a family of Tomas outcasts. But she must have had her reasons. Grace was a champion schemer whose plans continued to unfold long after her death. Her decision to include Irina made more sense. The top Lucian agent had years of Clue-hunting experience. But could Grace have guessed that the ruthless former KGB spy would sacrifice herself to save Amy and Dan? That couldn't have also been part of Grace's plan, could it?"


This card combined with Card 200 and Card 199 makes Grace's funeral puzzle.


This card forms a picture when placed together with Card 199 and Card 200.