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Card 196: Raleigh's Map
Branch: Tomas
Type: Secret
Rarity: Rare
Puzzle: Yes
Clue: Yes
Top Secret:


Janus agent Walter Raleigh had many reasons for establishing a colony in the New World. There was money to be made, and he wanted to honor his country's sovereign, Queen Elizabeth I . However, some people believe that Raleigh had something he needed to hide far, far away from England. In addition to gaining fame as a poet and as an explorer, Raleigh was known as a pirate. Did one of his raids produce something so valuable he needed to send it across an ocean? Does the map of the colony he sent to Queen Elizabeth hold a hint?


Question: What is the secret message Raleigh wrote for Queen Elizabeth?

Answer: The New World is a good place for hiding secrets


This Card, combined with cards 158, 160, 181, and 185 forms the Clue Salt.