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Card 168: Bae Oh
Number: 168
Branch: Ekaterina
Type: Agent
Rarity: Uncommon
Puzzle: No
Clue: No
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: Card Pack 3: The Rise of the Madrigals


"As a young man, Bae Oh was constantly overshadowed by his twin brother, Gordon Oh. He was furious when Gordon was chosen to be the head of the Ekaterina branch. However, Gordon's period of leadership came to a tragic end when Bae hired an assassin to kill Gordon for the Clues. Bae took over as branch leader and was also named guardian of Gordon's young son, Alistair Oh. Bae was too busy to pay much attention to Alistair, except to criticize him: Bae's favorite pastime. Alistair wasn't the only person afraid of Bae, a powerful businessman in Seoul, South Korea. Bae's rivals had a tendency to die in "mysterious accidents." Whoever thought the Lucians were vicious hasn't met Bae...