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Card 151: Sophie Watson
Branch: Janus
Type: Agent
Rarity: Common
Puzzle: No
Clue: No
Top Secret: No
Where To Get This Card: Card Pack 3

Card 151: Sophie Watson is a Janus card found in Card Pack 3.


"Everyone at school knows that Sophie Watson and Natalie Kabra are enemies, but they assume it's because Natalie likes to wear fur to Sophie's animal rights club meetings. No one realizes that Sophie and Natalie belong to rival branches of the Cahill Family. Natalie is pretty mean to Sophie at school. However, she has no idea that Sophie's been spying on her and passing information to the Janus. Her behavior may not exactly fit with the school's honor code, but Sophie's willing to bend the rules when ultimate power is at stake. She's not looking for the Clues herself, but she knows she wouldn't want to live in a world where Natalie Kabra—or her even scarier mother is in charge."