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800px-Flag of Egypt

Flag of Egypt

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Egypt is a country in north eastern Africa. It is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Egypt was also one of the 1st places that allowed women to be rulers. It was the first Ekaterina stronghold, and the branch's main stronghold, located at Hotel Excelsior.

Katherine in Egypt[]

The first place that Katherine Cahill, founder of the Ekaterina branch traveled to was Egypt. She was sick of not being able to do things just because she was a woman. Katherine then disguised herself as a boy and joined a group of tomb robbers. While in disguise she bought 3 statues of Sakhet; one with ruby eyes, one with sapphire eyes, and one with emerald eyes. Inside each one, she hid a drawing of a tomb, though each one was different. These were the statues of Sakhet found in Book 4.


The Rosetta Stone that was found in Egypt is a hint for the clue Silver (as you can see in mission 8) which can be found too in Cairo.

Clues in Cairo[]

Pyramid panorama

The Great Pyramid.