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Hilarious e-mail[]

Subject: FWD: You might be an Ekat if …

From: Melanie Wong

To: Arika Stern

Check out this e-mail from Jones down in Accounting!

From: Jimmy Jones


You might be an Ekaterina if you:

1. Would rather play World of Warcraft than go waterskiing.

2. Think athletic tape was designed to repair glasses.

3. Used to take other kids’ stuff at birthday parties in the name of “science.”

4. Can’t stand the idea of someone getting stuff done with muscle instead of machines.

5. Wear a calculator watch.

6. Tried to dig up your best friend’s grandma for her “artifacts.”

7. Saw Lord of the Rings because you had already read the books. Twice.

8. Think video chat counts as a “hot date.”

9. Talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend in Klingon.

10. Understood the previous joke.