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Lucian Archives[]

Report on Napoleon Bonaparte[]

(transcribed from the original)

29 July 1799

Dear Sirs,

I write with a troubled heart to report on our Dearest Cousin and Most Glorious Leader of France and Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte.

We reached the golden shores of Egypt in July of last year, with a force of 25,000 men. The enemy had a force of 100,000 and I feared our soldiers would be swept back into the sea and drowned. But I should not doubt the Genius and Cunning of a Lucian General such as Napoleon Bonaparte. After vicious fighting in the shadows of the Great Pyramids, our Brilliant Tactics and Brave Soldiers carried the day. Imagine the glory! It was 25,000 against 100,000, and still, victory was ours!

And yet, I now worry. Our men have become sick, and our forces have not held up well against attacks from the Ottoman Empire in the West.

And more, I fear lust for battle and victory has caused Bonaparte to forget his True Mission to search Egypt’s sands for Clues buried by Katherine Cahill.

It is true that Napoleon has brought much Honor to the Lucians. But it may be time to remind him who is Master and who is a Servant.


Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier