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Heinrich Heinrichson’s capture

To: The Lucian leadership

Re: Heinrich Heinrichson’s capture

The most dangerous Tomas agent, Heinrich Heinrichson, has been apprehended in Sydney. He has outwitted our Lucian agents for years. But we knew it was only a matter of time. No one can escape us forever.

We sent one of our top agents, Irina Spasky, to trail Heinrichson for a few weeks. We wanted to gather as much information as possible before removing him. However, Spaksy lost track of Heinrich in Nepal. It seems he was headed up to one of the Everest basecamps, but a severe storm moved in. Spasky could not follow him up the mountain but tracked him down a few weeks later in Sydney.

Heinrich spent a few days scouting the area around the Sydney Opera House. He was also observed examining blueprints of the building. He seemed to be preparing for a nighttime break-in, because he purchased night vision goggles and rappelling equipment from a survival store in Sydney. Spasky called for backup and plans were made to capture Heinrich as he scaled up the wall of the Opera House.

The mission ended up much easier than expected. Heinrichson got himself arrested on his own. The morning of his planned break-in, he got into an argument with a tourist who was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a boxing kangaroo. Heinrichson walked up to the man and launched into a fifteen-minute lecture on why the kangaroo was poorly poised for actual boxing, claiming that his foot stance was all wrong. When the tourist tried to defend the kangaroo on his shirt, things got ugly.

Irina Spasky sensed that Heinrichson would be at this for some time (he was following the uninterested tourist around to divert his explanation into other animal martial art forms), so she anonymously phoned the police about a giant near the Opera House who was assaulting passing tourists. It took three officers to subdue Heinrichson and get him into a car. After another phone call, Heinrichson was transferred from police custody to Lucian custody. It’s a good thing we’ve paid off the chiefs of almost every metropolitan police bureau in the world.

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