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Letter to Gustave Eiffel

(Transcribed from the original)

January 23, 1886

Dear Mr. Eiffel,

We are pleased to hear that plans are moving forward for your magnificent tower in Paris and that your Statue of Liberty is nearly finished. Before you finalize your plans for the Eiffel Tower, we ask that you remember what its true purpose will be: a safe hiding place for the Clue. We hope you also remembered to design an appropriate hiding spot in the Statue of Liberty, as our plans for the Clue have changed slightly. We fear that Tomas agents may be watching you and might even infiltrate your work crew. We plan to foil them by having our top Lucian agents keep the Clue on the move. It will be transferred from the Statue of Liberty to the Eiffel Tower every ten years, just to keep curious thrill-seeking Tomas climbers on their toes. The hiding place must be very difficult to find and almost impossible to get to—our hope is that searching for it will involve risking life and limb. In fact, if many Tomas agents happen to plunge to their deaths while looking for it, so much the better. We know that, with your engineering brilliance, you are well up to the task.

The Lucian Leadership

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