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Lucian Archives[]

Gertrude Ederle Threat[]

(transcribed from the original)

To: Lyle McWeather, British Customs

From: The Snake Brotherhood

Date: June 22, 1926

Subject: Ederle Crossing

The Brotherhood has decided that Gertrude Ederle MUST be denied entry to England when she completes her channel-crossing swim scheduled for 6 August. We have learned she will be carrying the package, and we must take it from her. This task now falls to you.

You wrote that it would be easier to stop Gertrude Ederle at some point during her swim from Cap Gris-Nez in France to Kingsdown, Kent. But many of the Brotherhood have pointed out she will be too heavily guarded by those ‘trainers’ and ‘fans’ who will no doubt accompany her.

To ensure Ederle does not pass off the package before coming ashore, we will follow her in our own boat with agents disguised as photographers. But it is your responsibility to stop her at the coast long enough to steal the package without arousing any suspicion. Your swiftness and sneakiness, which has pleased us in the past, will have to be finely tuned to evade detection. The rendezvous coordinates will be sent in the usual way.

You must not fail. Scholastic