Lucian Archives: E-mail to Alana Flores


Lucian leadership has decided to give you a second chance to prove yourself in the field. You will not be accompanying Ian and Natalie. This is a separate endeavor, but no less urgent in the overall search.

Your mission: Charter a plane to Agra, India. We need you to investigate the Taj Mahal. That Janus actor, Ophir Dhupam, will be shooting his next film at the Taj. We found his choice of setting suspicious, and we’re interested in seeing what he does when the cameras stop rolling.

Infiltrate the set and keep a close eye on Dhupam. If the Bollywood hack stumbles onto a Clue, deal with him and bring it back to us. But do so quietly. We don’t need a major star’s death linked to the house at such a critical time.

Flores, be sure to keep your temper in line. We can’t afford another “incident.” We’re counting on you. Don’t disappoint us, or else . . .

–Lucian LeadershipScholastic

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