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Death of Sidney George Reilly (TOP SECRET)[]

To: Lucian Leadership

From: Lucian Agent W

Re: Sidney George Reilly

Highly Confidential

6 November 1925

If I hadn’t seen his body with my own eyes, I’d never believe it. Reilly is dead. The Ekats actually got him. We’ve been underestimating our cousins for too long. They’re not the absentminded scientists we imagined. They can be as ruthless as any of us.

Reilly had become too dangerous. He was days away from uncovering the secret of Marie Curie’s research. I think the excitement of finding another Clue overpowered every sense of danger. Reilly bribed some low-level Russian Ekats to meet him on the Russian-Finnish Border to discuss an information exchange. But they betrayed him. He should have known better than to trust an Ekat.

The thugs took him to Soviet Intelligence Headquarters in Moscow. As we’ve known for some time, most high-level Soviets are Ekat agents. They interrogated Reilly for a few days, but my sources tell me that he never cracked. He knows that the Clues are more important than anything. He was shot in the back when they took him to the woods. British intelligence has just received photos confirming his death.

One of our undercover agents (disguised as a janitor) retrieved notes Reilly wrote on cigarette papers. He hid them in his mattress and cracks in his prison cell. They contain extremely sensitive information about James Cahill. We’re still not sure whose side he’s on. He may still be a threat.

The stakes are higher than ever. There’s already been one world war, and some say another is inevitable. The Lucians need to assemble all 39 Clues if we’re to dominate the Cahills. Only we can bring peace and stability to this dangerous world.