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Letter from Benjamin Franklin (TOP SECRET)[]

(Transcribed from the original.)

Dear Sirs,

Excuse my tardy response to your frequent letters. Herewith, I will attempt to answer the last twelve.

Though you did not ask, I am happy to say that I continue Amazingly well for my Age, and hope to live to see the End of these Troubles with Great Britain. The journey here was Uneventful. I passed the voyage quite Comfortably, without anyone being the wiser to my Secret Mission. And though I arrived in Paris but yesterday, I have already safely convey’d the Clue to its Hiding Place. As to where I finally hid It, I will not say. I will only admit that you and I will be much like the Clue’s Neighbors long before it is reveal’d.

Until recently, I had the utmost affection for my Lucian Cousins, and still I am proud to be of an ancient and noble Family. But of late it seems our Goals have fallen. We concern ourselves only with hoarding Power and Riches. We have lost the Greater Cause. Perhaps you think I have been infected with the Patriotism of my New Nation, the United States of America. You may be correct. But still I must Defy you, rather than help enrich our increasingly Petty & Self-interest’d Faction. I cannot allow Unworthy Hands to dirty the Noble Cause for which I have fought so long.

As if I needed further proof of the Treachery to which the Lucian Clan has stooped, I need only look out my window. There is a man Lingering outside as I write this letter, who I am certain Followed me yesterday as well. You Spy on me, but it is your own Fear and Cowardice that have come between us. Cousins, I am sorry we must say good-bye on these terms.

Your disobedient but humble servant,

Benjamin Franklin