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Cahill Web Lucian Archives: Alana Flores is a file from the Lucian Archives.

Lucian Archives: Annual review of Alana Flores[]

To: Lucian leadership

From: Tobias Feldman, Field Agent Coordinator

Date: 20 August 2008

Member Name: Alana Flores

Location: Hong Kong

Skills: Foreign languages, disguises

Last year, we sent Alana Flores to China to monitor Tomas activity in East Asia. She found a position as an analyst at the Bank of Hong Kong and has risen through the ranks at lightening speed. Her managers are impressed with her ambition. However, most of Alana’s coworkers are afraid of her. She seems to enjoy making others cry.

We appreciate Alana’s ambition but believe she still has a lot to learn about being a Lucian agent. The most successful Lucians do not come across as a threat. They act subtly and can operate among their enemies for years without drawing suspicion. We worry that Alana’s ruthlessness will work against her. If she cannot gain the trust of those around her, she will not be able to gather secrets.

After careful thought, the council has decided to deny Alana’s request to accompany Ian and Natalie Kabra on their hunt. The Cahills who accept Grace Cahill’s challenge and participate in her little game will end up crossing paths. The Lucian players must remain calm under pressure. Their tempers cannot flare out of control.

Once Alana learns to use her talents productively, we will send her to track down a different Clue. After all, we will need to send Lucians all over the world if we are to collect all 39 Clues.