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Cahill Web Ekaterina Archives: Alistair Oh’s report on Grace Cahill’s funeral is a file from the Ekaterina Archives.

Alistair Oh's Report on Grace Cahill's Funeral[]

To: The Ekaterina Leadership

From: Alistair Oh

Re: Grace Cahill’s funeral

August 21, 2008

I daresay Cousin Grace might have been playing one last joke on me when she invited me to the will reading. This is no game for old men. I nearly perished in the fire that erupted afterward. Really, our relatives are wasting no time eliminating the competition. That fire was no accident, or I’m not the inventor of the microwavable burrito!

As we all suspected, my crafty cousin had been hiding a great secret from us. She has arranged a competition to find the 39 Clues. At first I found this rather silly. After all, we Ekats have been hunting for the Clues for centuries. The competition has never ceased! However, I think there’s more to this game than we can see. This is no wild goose chase. I suspect that Grace laid a path for us to follow. Is there a chance she actually located all 39 Clues before her death? How could she have kept such a secret? Our Lucian cousins aren’t quite as all-knowing as they pretend to be.

I will try my best to stay close to Amy and Dan. I’m quite sure Grace had been feeding them secrets over the years. They did spend every weekend with her. However, the other teams seem to be using a different strategy. Instead of allying themselves with the Cahill children, they are trying to kill them. I wonder why Grace was so eager to include her grandchildren. They have no training. No experience. I fear this competition could end very badly for Amy and Dan. It would be a shame for them to lose their lives like that, especially after the tragic death of their parents.

Don’t worry that I am going soft, though. I assure you that I am doing everything to guarantee that the Ekats emerge victorious. I “borrowed” a very helpful book that Amy discovered in Grace’s library. I fear the Lucians will have the advantage finding this Clue, but I’m close. Off to Paris tomorrow . . .