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Budapest is the largest city and capital of the European nation of Hungary. Until the end of World War I, it also served as the capital of the unified nation of Austria-Hungary. The city is a stronghold for two branches of the Cahill family, the Janus branch and the Lucian branch. The Lucian stronghold is located at the Hungarian Parliament building, where the Crown of St. Stephen is on display, while little is known about the Janus stronghold (the city is only mentioned as a Janus stronghold in The Black Book of Buried Secrets, with no further details).

Janus agent Harry Houdini was born in Budapest before emigrating to the United States with his family. While in Budapest, Houdini's father made contact with the Vespers. Team One visited Budapest during the early days of the Clue Hunt, on the trail of the Lucian Clue Clover. Though the pair, Lucian siblings Ian and Natalie Kabra, tried to keep a low profile, they were captured on Janus surveillance cameras. The Kabras visited the Lucian stronghold at the Hungarian Parliament to examine the Crown of St. Stephen and find a hint towards the Clue, which is kept hidden at another Lucian stronghold, Fort Knox.

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