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To earn this Tomas clue, you must add the Missing Explorer Card Combo.


David Livingstone was a Tomas explorer who was searching for the source of the Nile. But his real goal was to hide a Clue which he did at the back of the Victoria Falls. Janus reporter Henry Morton Stanley and Ekaterina scientist Alistair Oh designed a craft to find the Clue, but they never succeeded.


From the outer space, the screen zoom on one certain place, the Victorian Falls. You arrived at a point where there's a Cluecraft 3000. Later, the screen zooms on a cave behind the waterfall. It's a cave with pile of bones. One of the bones is carved with the Cahill crest. In the end, the word 'BONE' appear.


Bone Symbol


The Clue Bone is unlockable by completing the Missing Explorer combo:

Card 79- Founder: David Livingstone

Card 83- Founder: Henry Morton

Card 102- Secret: The ClueCraft 3000

Card 126- Location: Victoria Falls

Card 129- Secret: The Tattoos

About Bone[]


The 39 Clues Clue 22

Bones, which compose the skeletal system, protect your organs and support your body. Only vertebrates have backbones

Real Bone

A human femur bone

. The human thigh bone is stronger than concrete.