This page is for Black Beard, the Vesper guard. For the pirate, see Blackbeard.

A Vesper agent, nicknamed Black Beard by Nellie Gomez due to his thick black beard, was one of the guards assigned to the Vesper Hostages. He relocates them after the hostages attempt to escape in Shatterproof. Nellie refuses to continue walking, until Ted Starling and Alistair Oh can ride on the four-wheelers and Black Beard threatens to shoot her. She isn't intimidated and he swears but is forced to comply, because he isn't allowed to kill the hostages and he tells Ted and Alistair that if they try anything "funny" that he will shoot her. He then asks if there was "anything else" and when she requests water he tells her that she is pushing her luck. Nellie convinces him by saying that if she had a choice between "dying of thirst" or a bullet she would chose the bullet. He tosses the hostages their water, but saves Ted's for last, and throws it rather hard but Ted catches it and Black Beard seems surprised. He says that he thought Ted was blind, and Ted responds by saying he is but his ears work fine and that he heard it coming.Black Beard then calls him a freak.

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