Bhaile Anois is the traditional Cahill Family song of summoning, which was composed by Gideon Cahill. It is usually played on a pipe. Its translation means 'home now'. Both Olivia and Madeleine Cahill play the song in Vespers Rising. The song was in Irish, one of the languages of Ireland. It is also the name of one of Grace's safe houses in Ireland.


Vespers Rising

Bhaile Anois' first appearance was in Vespers Rising, when Olivia Cahill summoned Madeleine home after she gave her classmates a sleeping potion.

Nowhere to Run

In Nowhere to Run, when Amy and Dan Cahill arrive in Meenalappa, Ireland, they find one of Grace's safe houses there. Its name was also Bhaile Anois and it had three escape routes. It was also where Olivia Cahill's book containing the recipe for the antidote to the serum was located at. Later, it is used as a rendezvous for the Cahills, the Rosenblooms, Ian and Hamilton.

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