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The Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a region of the Caribbean Sea, used as an Ekaterina stronghold. The stronghold was mentioned by Alistair Oh in Beyond the Grave. The Clue Uranium is hidden there.

To non-Cahills, the Bermuda Triangle has gained a reputation as a dangerous area for ships and planes, stemming from many disappearances. These disappearances are caused by the high-tech Ekaterina security system, which vigilantly jams passerby vehicles' communication systems and destroys vessels belonging to other branches.

Madrigal agent Emily Martella prevented a Tomas submarine from discovering the Ekaterina stronghold and the Clue hidden within, preventing an inter-branch war.


The Bermuda Triangle is featured on Card 211: Bermuda Stronghold.

Card 29: Bermuda Triangle features a sinking Lucian ship in the Bermuda Triangle, which uses flags to code the message "Ekats got us."

Card 29 features the Bermuda Triangle.

The Ekaterina stronghold in the Bermuda Triangle

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