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Berlin is a European city and the capital of Germany. Leaders of the Tomas branch of the Cahill family chose Berlin as the site of the 1936 Summer Olympics, likely due to hints of a Clue or other Cahill activity in the area. These Games were notable for the triumphant performance of track-and-field athlete and Tomas agent Jesse Owens (an African-American) in the face of German dictator Adolf Hitler, who had been attempting to use the Games to promote his ideals of Aryan supremacy.

During the Cold War, a wall, the Berlin Wall, divided Berlin into two cities, the capitalist-controlled West Berlin and the Soviet-aligned East Berlin. KGB agent and Lucian operative Irina Spasky smuggled weapons-grade plutonium across the Wall at some point before its fall in 1991.

During the events of Cahills vs. Vespers, Amy and Dan Cahill, and allies Atticus and Jake Rosenbloom, were ordered to steal the Golden Jubilee Diamond from the Pergamon Museum by Vesper One. The Cahills bungled the theft and Amy lost the watch containing Gideon's Ring, but the Vespers used the attempted theft to steal their true target, The Book of Ingenious Devices. Later, the Cahills regained the watch in a negotiation with Interpol Inspector Milos Vanek and escaped Berlin.

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