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Belgium is a European nation, located in the northwestern part of the continent, between France and the Netherlands. Its capital is Brussels, and other major cities in the country include Antwerp and Ghent.

The country has historically been a hotbed of Vesper activity. The Ghent Altarpiece was created by Jan van Eyck in Belgium, and contained hidden information for the creation of the machina fini mundi. Vespers attempted to steal the altarpiece in Ghent in 1566, and, in 2008, Isabel Kabra attempted to destroy it. The Vespers also held an Ekaterina scientist, Dr. Frederick Woolsey, captive in a factory in Belgium during World War I, but Woolsey was rescued by a team of Cahills, consisting of Lucian Rupert Davenport, Tomas Major Thompson, and Janus Marie, with assistance from a Madrigal, Fritz. The Vespers also use an ATM in Brussels as a secure drop-off point.

The Tomas established a temporary stronghold in Antwerp in 1920, at the site of that year's Olympic Games.

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