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Barley is a Madrigal Clue and the 7th clue.



The Barley Symbol

Easter Island is one of the most uninhabited places on Earth and is famous for the moai. So the Madrigals built a stronghold in a fake moai statue and hid a Clue there. No Clue hunter would purposely disturb the Madrigal branch.

Card Combo[]

This clue can be unlocked by completing the The Madrigal Stronghold Card Combo:


Card 252: Easter Island Stronghold


Barley is a grain that grows in many environments.




The scene first shows an Easter Island moai statue. A long piece of stone is removed from the head. The camera zooms into it, and lowers. At the very bottom there is a dark room where a nine-panel screen on metal supports show various images of some of the Cahills. One by one, the panels turn off and is replaces by the word "BARLEY" and the Cahill crest. The nine panels, metal supports and the walls disappear, leaving only the word and the crest.