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Astrid Rosenbloom was a Guardian. She was the wife of Mark Rosenbloom. She was killed by Vesper One, as revealed in Rapid Fire 5. She was poisoned, as Vesper One said so in Rapid Fire 7.



Rapid Fire 1[]

Grace Cahill makes a few phone calls at the end of Legacy. One of them is to Astrid.

Rapid Fire 2[]

Astrid attended the funeral of her friend, Grace Cahill. She was invited to the reading of Grace's will, but takes neither the money nor the first Clue. Afterwards, she met with William McIntyre and was informed that the Vespers were returning. The pair then found Ingrid in a broom closet, and deduced that she had been replaced by an imposter.

Rapid Fire 5[]

She steps out of the car and hugs Atticus. Then Vesper One travels to Boston and poisons her.

A King's Ransom[]

It is revealed that before she died, she whispered some advice to Atticus , and passed Guardianship onto him.

Day of Doom[]

It is revealed that her assistant, Dave Speminer (Vesper One), poisoned her.