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Arnold Holt is the pitbull that belongs to the Holt family.


Not much is known about Arnold's history except the fact he was one of 11 pups. He traveled with the Holt family during the first series. He is also a very nice but aggressive dog and will never leave the Holt family's side!




The Holt Family - Owners

Appearance and Personality[]

Arnold is white with brown spots. Arnold has brown eyes and a black leather collar with metal diamonds. He is talented with reconnaissance and doggy yoga, and gets carsick easily. He mirrors Saladin from Dan and Amy's team.

Plot Overview[]

The Maze of Bones[]

Arnold is seen in an ice cream van playing tug-of-war with Madison.

One False Note[]

He was not mentioned but he is always with the Holts.

The Sword Thief[]

Arnold is in the subway station scaring Hamilton by barking at him while Dan, Amy, and Alistair Oh are captive. Then he is abandoned.


  • Tomas Logo

    Arnold's branch

    Doggy yoga
  • Reconnaissance


Arnold is shown, along shows his talents, weaknesses, and his odds of finding all 39 Clues. The card code is: G69JTFHR9T. It is a shareable card.