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Arena 39 is part of the 39 Clues website. There are 13 different games players can play, and contests that players can win depending on their points. However there are only 8 games currently, the others are getting fixed. Players also receive medals to put on their Agent Cards. Many of the games get featured in missions, such as Dog Fight or Snake Charmer. When all games have been fixed, there will be 14 of them.

Arena 39



Main article: Bryx

Bryx is a memory game where you go to different pyramids and open their stones and attempt to match it to its identical stone. There is also a swirling stone that reveals certain stones on that layer. This is started in Level 2.

This game is getting fixed.


Main Article: Decoder

In Decoder you have to guess a code while using pegs. It is the Lucian challenge in Mission 0.

This game is getting fixed.

Dog Fight[]

Main article: Dogfight In Dog Fight, you are in control of a single airplane and you must destroy other airplanes and turrets. This is the Janus challenge in Mission 0.

Find It![]

Main article: Find It!

In Find It! you will be given you a list of things to look for. These items are hidden all around the room, which is very messy. They will give you 3 hints and 5 minutes to look for these things. If you find all the given items, you will be taken to bonus round, where once again you must look for items.

Follow Me[]

Main Article: Follow Me

In Follow Me a pad with different colored buttons appears and the buttons begin to flash. The player's job is to memorize the pattern they flash in and then click them in that order.

After getting fixed, it was renamed Sequency and the player's task is now to listen to the sequencer and play it back exactly.


Main Article: Gridlock

You play Gridlock by moving other peoples' cars around and to get your car to the exit. There is a time limit, so watch out! At the moment, you cannot get past the first level of it because of a glitch.

This game is getting fixed.

Lab Rat[]

Main article: Lab Rat

You play Lab Rat by mixing different colored chemicals to make the colored chemicals required. There is a time limit, so be careful!

This game is getting fixed.


Main Article: NitPix This is a common game of spot the differences between the two pictures.

After getting fixed, it was renamed CounterFit.

Photo Recall[]

Main Article: Photo Recall Here, you have a short time to memorise details about a photograph. Then you have to answer questions about the details. There are 3 normal rounds and, if you answered enough questions correct, a bonus round. In round 1, there is one question. In round 2, there are 2. In round 3, there are 3. You can only get questions in continuity if you answered the previous questions for the round. Different questions cost different amounts of points. At the moment, Photo Recall also has a glitch that does not allow you to play.

After getting fixed, Photo Recall was renamed Photocol. The player is given 30 seconds to look at a photo and they are asked a question later on, in which they must choose between 4 choices.

Safe Cracker[]

Main article: Safe Cracker

Safe Cracker is very similar to a match-the-pair card game.

After getting fixed, it was renamed Flip Out.

Skeet Shoot[]

Main article: Skeet Shoot

In this game, you use a double-barrel shotgun to try and shoot the discs that come from behind you. You are given double points if you hit two at the same time, and a larger amount of points which depends on how far back the discs are when you hit them.

Snake Charmer[]

Main article: Snake Charmer This is like an online game version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The buttons you use are 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Stunt Pilot Trainer[]

Main article: Stunt Pilot Trainer

This is a sidescroller where you pilot Grace's plane, The Flying Lemur, through a bunch of rings in the level. There is also a 'bonus level' where you pop smaller baloons instead of rings. The controls are the up and down arrow keys to control direction and the spacebar to accelerate.

Monthly Challenge[]

The Monthly Challenge is a featured game in the Arena that changes every month.


The medals earned in the mini-games depend on how much points you earned in one game. The value of a point differs depending on the game, as Snake Charmer medals require many thousands of points to earn medals while in Follow Me, points are only required to be in the early decades to earn medals.


Bookly Contests[]

  1. The Hunt Begins
  2. Crossing Swords
  3. Trust No One
  4. From the Dead
  5. The Black Circle
  6. Friendly Fire
  7. Beware of the Madrigals
  8. Blackout
  9. The Man in Black
  10. The Gauntlet

All-Time Contest[]


Bryx Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Bryx Bronze Achieve 15,000 Points
Bryx Bronze
Bryx Silver Achieve 45,000 Points
Bryx Silver
Bryx Gold Achieve 100,000 Points
Bryx Gold
Decoder Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Decoder Bronze Achieve 1,500 Points
Decoder Bronze
Decoder Silver Achieve 3,500 Points
Decoder Silver
Decoder Gold Achieve 5,000 Points
Decoder Gold
Dogfight Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Dogfight Bronze Achieve 1,500 Points
Dogfight Silver Achieve 3,500 Points
Dogfight Gold Achieve 8,000 Points
Find It Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Find It Bronze Achieve 1,000 Points
Find It Bronze
Find It Silver Achieve 3,000 Points
Find It Silver
Find It Gold Achieve 5,000 Points
Find It Gold
Follow Me Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Follow Me Bronze Achieve 10 Points
Follow Me Bronze
Follow Me Silver Achieve 25 Points
Follow Me Silver
Follow Me Gold Achieve 31 Points
Follow Me Gold
Gridlock Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Gridlock Bronze Achieve 1,500 Points
Gridlock Bronze
Gridlock Silver Achieve 3,000 Points
Gridlock Silver
Gridlock Gold Achieve 5,001 Points
Gridlock Gold
Lab Rat Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Lab Rat Bronze Achieve 2,500 Points
Lab Rat Bronze
Lab Rat Silver Achieve 6,000 Points
Lab Rat Silver
Lab Rat Gold Achieve 10,000 Points
Lab Rat Gold
Nitpix Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Nitpix Bronze Achieve 1,000 Points
Nitpix Bronze
Nitpix Silver Achieve 2,000 Points
Nitpix Silver
Nitpix Gold Achieve 3,000 Points
Nitpix Gold
Photo Recall Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Photo Recall Bronze Achieve 3,500 Points
Photo Recall Bronze
Photo Recall Silver Achieve 7,000 Points
Photo Recall Silver
Photo Recall Gold Achieve 10,000 Points
Photo Recall Gold
Safe Cracker Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Safe Cracker Bronze Achieve 1,500 Points
Safe Cracker Bronze
Safe Cracker Silver Achieve 3,000 Points
Safe Cracker Silver
Safe Cracker Gold Achieve 5,000 Points
Safe Cracker Gold
Skeet Shoot Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Skeet Shoot Bronze Achieve 3,000 Points
Skeet Shoot Bronze
Skeet Shoot Silver Achieve 7,000 Points
Skeet Shoot Silver
Skeet Shoot Gold Achieve 10,001 Points
Skeet Shoot Gold
Snake Charmer Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Snake Charmer Bronze Achieve 5,000 Points
Snake Charmer Bronze
Snake Charmer Silver Achieve 10,000 Points
Snake Charmer Silver
Snake Charmer Gold Achieve 20,000 Points
Snake Charmer Gold
Stunt Pilot Medals
Medal How to Obtain Picture
Stunt Pilot Bronze Achieve 5,000 Points
Stunt Pilot Bronze
Stunt Pilot Silver Achieve 10,000 Points
Stunt Pilot Silver
Stunt Pilot Gold Achieve 18,000 Points
Stunt Pilot Gold