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Annie Oakley was an American frontierswoman and sharpshooter. She was born Phoebe Ann Mosey but changed her name to Annie Oakley and became a famous Tomas agent. Today, her name is synonymous with shooting matches and entertainment.


Phoebe Ann Mosey (her birth name) grew up in Ohio. Her father died when she was young, so she started hunting game to help her family at the age of six. One day, Frank Butler, who was a marksman, came to the nearest town, and he offered anyone who could outshoot him $100, which is, roughly in today's money, $2,000. Annie won after Frank missed his 25th shot. Frank and Annie got married in 1882.

Soon after, the couple joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. The Show toured all over the United States. The Tomas leadership noticed Annie's skills and realized she could be a legendary Clue hunter. The Tomas arranged so that the Show would tour Europe, and when Annie wasn't shooting, she was on missions for the


Annie Oakley

Tomas. But, after a while, Annie was so famous, that her targets came to her. When she shot the butt of the cigarette that was hanging out of the Prince of Prussia's mouth, she was telling the Janus to back off. However, the Prince of Prussia became Kaiser Wilhelm II, and many Tomas today think that Annie should have aimed a little higher and then pulled the trigger.

Annie had an accident on Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show train in 1901. She was paralyzed and underwent five back surgeries, but she walked and shot again, and having even more expertise with a rifle than before the accident. However, she was in a car crash in 1922 which made the old injuries flare up. She never walked or shot again, but she worked on an autobiography. She died two years after the car crash, and was followed eighteen days later by her husband, Frank Butler.


In Mission 0 she has a game based on her shooting.