The Amber Room is a Lucian stronghold underneath the Church on the Blood in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The room is named for its walls, made of carved amber, or perhaps the Clue, Amber, hidden there. The Amber Room is extravagantly decorated, with ornate carvings on the walls, statues, and a clock (which hid the Clue), in addition to a black filing cabinet containing Lucian secrets. In typical Lucian fashion, the room is located underneath the Church on the Blood, through a door hidden in the tomb for the Romanov family.

During the Clue Hunt, two teams (Team Five and Team Seven) became aware of the Clue hidden in the Amber Room. Lucian Irina Spasky, who composed Team Five, placed a black circle on the site, but Team Seven members Amy and Dan Cahill were able to break into the room and steal the Clue from the clock. When Irina and other Lucian agents, sent by Lucian leader Vikram Kabra, arrived, they came close to killing Amy and Dan, but timely intervention by their uncle Fiske Cahill gave them the opportunity to escape with the Clue.

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