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Amber is one of the 39 Clues, belonging to the Lucian Branch. The Clue can be unlocked online by adding the Cards from The Black Circle.


The Lucians have the Clue one gram of melted amber in the Amber Room. Amy and Dan Cahill found the Clue with the help of Anastasia's daughter, Nataliya, who is also NRR. After finding the Clue Dan and Amy share it with the Holt family. It was in the clock that could be opened if the hands were turned to Midnight, then 1 and then Midnight again, representing the Lucian love for codes, ciphers, and locks.


The Amber Symbol


The cutscene shows the Amber Room. The camera zooms in on a clock and the clockface opens. The gears fall out and behind that is a block of Amber, then shows the word 'AMBER.'

Card Combo[]

Card90 Card91 Card92 Card93 Card94 Card95

About Amber[]

Amber is a golden colored substance that is very sticky, similar to honey. It is made from the sap of trees.

Spider in an Amber

Spider in an Amber

An Amber Room

An Amber Room

Some amber is thousands of years old, when the dinosaurs were around! The only teams that had this Clue during the Clue hunt were the Kabras, Irina Spasky, Dan and Amy, and the Holts. Because of its stickiness, insects can be stuck inside and preserved for thousands of years.


The 39 Clues Clue 37

The Clue: Amber.

Amber Pendants

Two Amber Pendants

Amber, unfortunately, being an organic resin would rather burn than melt. With technology used in 1507, it is nigh impossible to stoke the flame and control the oxygen content to prevent combustion.