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"Amy...Dan...all of brave."
— Alistair in Trust No One, just before he died.

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Alistair Oh was an Ekaterina who was included in Grace Cahill's Will as one of the participants in the hunt for the 39 Clues as Team Three. He is possibly the Ekaterina leader. He makes the most alliances with Amy and Dan. Dan chose him to be killed if they failed their mission in The Dead of Night. In Trust No One, he died after having a seizure due to his knee injury from a failure of saving Phoenix Wizard from a long drop.



He became the Ekaterina Leader after putting Bae Oh in custody.

When Alistair was young, his father, Gordon Oh, was killed by a hired assassin. He was raised by his uncle, Bae Oh, whom he did not like and wrote about to his cousin Grace Cahill.

Dr34 alistair

The letter Alistair wrote to Grace.

Later, he discovered that it was his uncle who ordered his father's death to which he was angry about and wanted revenge. He eventually got that revenge by putting Bae in jail for the crime of ordered murder by contacting Madrigals in the U.N. He also was shortly a business tycoon as he invented the microwavable burrito.  


Appearance and Personality

Alistair had only been described as an old Korean man who dressed in fine suits, a yellow scarf or tie, and carried a diamond-tipped walking cane, which was stolen by the Vespers. The walking cane, in reality, was used to store Alistair's secrets, as discovered by Amy and Dan Cahill in One False Note. According to The Black Book of Buried Secrets, it is a high-tech safe and practically a mobile Clue-hunting base.

Alistair was usually trying to make some kind of alliance. He preferred to team up with Amy and Dan, because he knew how good they were at finding Clues, but secretly felt sorry for the children because of their past; Alistair wanted to make up for his appearance on the night Hope and Arthur died, so he chose to help the kids. It is also shown that Alistair cared deeply for Hope, which could be a factor in his alliances with Amy and Dan. Before Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent died, he made some sort of promise to them, presumably about Amy and Dan's safety. He was possibly one of the best Cahills to keep this promise because he is closely related to Grace, his cousin. Alistair tended to double-cross the Cahill children when the right time came, and they usually managed to get back at him until he convinced them that they can form an honest alliance, only for him to double-cross them again.

Alistair Oh was a former microwavable burrito tycoon. Alistair had a butler, driver/pilot and a beautiful house in South Korea. In The Maze of Bones, Alistair made short alliances with Amy and Dan. Also in The Maze of Bones, he made an alliance with Irina Spasky. He is not seen much in One False Note; he is only seen when Amy and Dan put their tracker on him and stole his Clue. In The Sword Thief, Alistair makes an alliance with the Cahill siblings, who then make an alliance with Ian and Natalie Kabra. The Kabra siblings leave Alistair and the Cahills for dead in a cave, which Alistair and the Cahills proceed to blow up. Alistair fakes his death in the explosion so he can go after his uncle. He then meets with Amy and Dan in In Too Deep in Indonesia.

It was once mentioned that Alistair and Irina Spasky shared a bowl of bibimbap together. Alistair was teasing her of flirting, each time her spoon clinked against his, the entire time, and finally succeeded in making her laugh.

In The Viper's Nest, it is revealed that Alistair got an A in Acting when he was at college when he pretended to die of heart failure in front of his uncle Bae Oh, resulting in him being set free.


Alistair is depicted on many cards including Card 34, Alistair Oh, Card 102, The Clue-Craft 3000 , which he designed. Alistair is also on Card 168, Bae Oh, where there is a letter about him and 224, The Double Crosser. Three other cards feature him - 226, Alistair The Underdog, 96, Sombrero Alistair and 227, Gordon Oh, which has a coded message from Alistair on a photo. Alistair's Cane is also depicted on Card 174, Alistair Oh's Cane.


Alistair's main card


Card 226


The Maze of Bones

Alistair, described by Dan as an "old Korean dude who insisted they call him 'Uncle'", is first seen when Grace's will is being read. He forms a brief alliance with Dan and Amy, after the two siblings discover a secret library in Grace's mansion, and the next step towards the Clue: a copy of Poor Richard's Almanack. When the mansion started burning, Alistair races out with the almanac. He is then confronted by Ian and Natalie when he got off of his plane in France. He escaped them by getting them into a fight, claiming to the attendant that he had fresh fruit in his luggage. Upon leaving, he is ambushed by the Holts. Later, he saves Dan and Amy from Ian and Natalie in the catacombs of Paris. He saved them in order to make up for leaving them in the burning building and stealing the important book.

One False Note


In this book, Dan and Amy spy on Alistair. Then, while he is sleeping they put Mr. McIntyre's tracker in his cane. When Alistair met Mr. McIntyre, he was angry and storming him saying that he was the one that put a spying pin on his cane and also took an important paper from his cane.

The Sword Thief

Alistair made an alliance with Amy and Dan. The 3 of them then flew on his plane to Japan. After finding out that the next Clue had something to do with Toyotomi Hideyoshi (The Bald Rat) and printing out a map that Alistair found, the trio are captured by the Holts. Dan accidentally tells the Holts where the next lead is: the subway. The Holts lead them to a underground subway station. When Amy's foot gets stuck in the rail, the Holts try to help her but flee due to an incoming train. Alistair quickly saves Dan and Amy from the train and shows them a secret room that he found. They see a poem and a lot of geometric shapes on the ground, and Amy realizes that the shapes are the next lead. However, the Yakuza find them and try to slice Alistair's leg. The 3 run away from the Yazuka ninjas, meanwhile hiding the shapes behind an alley until being saved by the Kabras and Nellie Gomez. After a lot of explanations, an alliance of Ian, Natalie, Dan, Amy, Alistair, Nellie, and Saladin is made. Ian gives Amy a coin that the Lucians suspect having something to do with a Tomas Clue. They recover the shapes and find out they need to go to Korea. They all went to Alistair's estate. Alistair also found that his uncle, Bae Oh, hired a man to kill his father. Ian wandered into a hedge maze and got bitten by Alistair's dog, Buffy. Alistair then reveals a secret library in the maze. Amy and Alistair finds out they need to go to Pakistan. After finding a statue of the Bald Rat, and putting the Kabras' coin into its mouth, a cave is revealed. They find that out the Clue is Gold. Dan then tricks the Kabras into thinking their next

Alistair with burrito

Alistair with a Microwavable Burrito

location is Lake Tash. The Kabras leave, backstabbing them, and close the exit. The 3 then make a cave explosion to escape. Alistair then pretends to be dead to find his uncle and ditches them. Dan then reveals that their real next location is Egypt, by solving the anagram.

Beyond the Grave

Alistair offers an alliance to Amy and Dan. They then use his submarine to get to the Temple of Isis, which is underwater. They see a letter M, which means that the Madrigals took the Clue. After that, he returns to Cairo.

In Too Deep

In Indonesia, Alistair stumbled upon Dan and Amy while searching for information about Robert Cahill Henderson, an Ekat that collected 37 of the Clues on an Indonesian island. They decide to temporarily team up to solve the Clue in Robert's poem, which was Water. They spend the night in Alistair's house due to a storm. During the night, Isabel sets the house on fire. During the incident, they get trapped on the roof. Irina Spasky comes to save them and succeeds, but she does not survive and dies a heroine.

The Viper's Nest

Isabel Kabra blames Alistair for Irina's death and now Dan, Amy, Alistair, and Nellie are wanted by the police. They escape in Irina's old boat. Alistair is then captured by police, aided by Bae Oh. He escapes by pretending to be dead and then knocks out Bae with Bae's own cane. He is then captured by the Holts, as they think that the children trust him and wants Alistair to bring the children to him. Amy and Dan, due to a warning from Hamilton, realizes Alistair's trap and escape. Eisenhower captures him again and threatens to blow him up but Dan, Amy, Nellie, and (secretly) Hamilton Holt free him.

The Emperor's Code

Alistair wants another alliance with Dan and Amy but Dan and Amy do not want to. Later on when Dan is missing Alistair tries to help Amy and Nellie find Dan and translates a Chinese poem for them. He also wrote the Chinese word for "grace" while waiting for them to arrive when they were meeting.

Into the Gauntlet

Alistair is at the Stratford church and accidentally gives away to Ian that he has 14 Clues. In the Gauntlet, he tells Dan to stand up when the rockslide begins and tells Isabel the Clues he knows after she threatens to kill one of the children he loves (Sinead, Amy, Dan and even Natalie and Ian). After that, he told Amy and Dan that he would testify Isabel for killing Hope and Arthur.

Mission 10: End Game

Alistair has become a Madrigal and tests you on computer hacking. He is in Grace's underground base center in her burnt down mansion. The mini-game you have to play is about bouncing a ball of a platform.

Mission 11: Behind Enemy Lines

His picture was under one of the paintings in Casper Wyoming's apartment and once decoded it says: "Must be monitored at all times."

The Medusa Plot

In the prologue, Alistair is kidnapped in an elevator in Tel Aviv, Israel, along with Ted Starling. It was at 3:42 P.M. in the Israel Standard Time Zone, he was trying to help them recover from what happened at the Franklin Institute. The vespers sabotaged the elevator to it would crash to the ground floor, where they would ambush the three. Alistair managed to hold them off with his cane but still got kidnapped, though it allowed Ned Starling to escape. At that same moment, other Cahills in different time zones were kidnapped, the only ones who also managed to escape were Dan and Amy.

Ned escapes, and Alistair (who told Ned to call William McIntyre) and the other five hostages were in the Vesper Holding Cell. They tried to remove the bullet from Nellie's shoulder after she was shot, and eventually, Natalie Kabra was able to take it out.

The Dead of Night

Dan chose Alistair to be killed if he and Amy failed their mission.


Alistair and the other hostages try to escape from the Vespers. They all get recaptured, except for Phoenix, and he obtained a knee infection in an attempt to save Phoenix.

Trust No One

Alistair has a seizure due from a knee infection obtained in Shatterproof. Without medical attention and being so old, he dies.

Day of Doom

Amy sees him in her vision when she thinks she's dead, and he's apperantly selling something.

The Black Book Of Buried Secrets

He meets his uncle Bae Oh in the Cairo Stronghold of the Ekats and sends him to jail with the help of his contacts at the UN.


Alistair is very good at betrayal and is deceptive. He is very good in disguises. He is also good at gaining others' trust. Alistair can be very resourceful because he is a rich man due to his burrito company. He also is a very good actor being able to convince other people. He once convinced Bae that he was dead in The Viper's Nest. This has caused him to be a favorite character of author Peter Lerangis.


Alistair appears in Missions 5, 7 and 10. He wore a disguise in Mission 7.


Alistair in Disguise.

Alistair's Alliances

See main article: Alistair Oh's Alliances

Alistair Oh has made many alliances, mostly with Dan and Amy, many of which ended in betrayal, having made him formerly very infamous for them.

Clues Alistair is Known to Have Found

He has 15 Clues, but only 9 are named.

  • Phosphorus - confirmed when interrogated by Isabel.
  • Water - confirmed due to his alliance with Dan and Amy in Book 6.
  • Gold - confirmed due to his alliance with Dan and Amy in Book 3.
  • Uranium - confirmed because he visits The Bermuda Triangle regularly.
  • Myrrh - confirmed due to his alliance with Dan and Amy in Book 4.
  • Iron Solute - confirmed when he said he knew the true meaning of "RESOLUTION" in Book 1.

Things That Alistair Oh Has Invented

  • Alistair's Submarine (the submarine that was used in Book 4)
  • Microwaveable burritos
  • The ClueCraft 3000
  • Rocketboard
The Clue-Craft 3000

The Clue-Craft 3000


A Rocketboard