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Aleksander "Alek" Spasky first appears in the first book of Doublecross. Alek was the brother of Irina Spasky. Until Mission Titanic, he was hiding in a Zen retreat in California. When he disappeared all photographs of him disappeared. The Outcast later found him and wants to recruit him to humiliate Ian Kabra, Cara Pierce, Hamilton Holt, Jonah Wizard, Amy Cahill, and Dan Cahill. Alek agrees to this and joins the Outcast. He once had a wife but she died helping seal the Chernobyl disaster. This lead to him having a bitter personality. He later finds out that the Outcast was to blame for his wife's death and saves Amy. He helps to prevent another nuclear disaster and suffered supposed radiation poisoning, symptoms included weakening and tiredness. In the end he saves both Amy and Dan from bees genetically modified to kill anyone who is part of the Cahill family, but as a result sacrifices his own life. His last words are, "Natalia..."


Mission Titanic[]

Alek Spasky's first-ever appearance is when he is in the international Cahill meeting at the start of the book. He was recruited by the Outcast to be one of his right-hand men. He is in an alliance with Magnus Hansen of the Tomas and Patricia Oh and The Outcast of the Ekaterinas because he wanted to become a leader in charge of the entire Cahill Family.

At some point in the book, Alek travels to Singapore where he threatens Nellie Gomez and Sammy Mourad with one of his metal spears if they did not immediately exit Singapore and return to the United States. He says that if they fail to do what he says, he would kill them both.

His last appearance is when he is on the Titanic II. He kills a man named Rollo Hardcastle and operates the ship which is destined to blow up by the use of bio-fuel at 6:00 PM. He attacks the Cahill's zodiac, and after that he heads back to Deception Island.

Mission Hurricane[]

Alek Spasky is in the first chapter, searching for a nuclear submarine called the Kraken. Him and the captain of a salvage boat dive to the seafloor to search for the wreckage. Once he finds the submarine and discovers that the nuclear weapons on board are still intact, he murders the captain by slicing his umbilical, giving him time to make repairs to the submarine and the nukes inside...


Aleksander is described as having mostly grey hair, pale skin, high cheekbones, and heavy eyebrows. His weapon of choice are Emeici, or Emei Piercers, he also is shown using a Mauser sr93 in Mission Atomic.


  • Alek plays a similar role in the Double-cross series with his sister Irina in the Clue Hunt series. Both of them are quite hostile toward Amy and Dan for much of their respective series until they save the siblings from being killed by the main villain (Isabel Kabra and Nathanial Hartford) at the cost of their lives.