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Alana Flores is a Lucian chess prodigy. She was sent to spy on the Madrigal branch stronghold on Easter Island.

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Alana Flores


The Black Book of Buried Secrets []

"Alana's cutthroat ambition and scheming mind make her a terrifying enemy. After conquering the world of competitive chess, Alana was fast-tracked by the Lucian Leadership through agent training. She operates in Hong Kong, working at a bank during the day and Clue Hunting at night. Alana is one of the only Lucians who isn't terrified of Isabel, which makes her either incredibly brave or an accident waiting to happen."


Alana appeared to be dangerous at age six, as she attacked the person she lost against in chess, right in front of a crowd


She has a CliqueMe page. Here is her profile:

Name: Alana Flores

Hometown: Los Angeles

Interests: Chess, International finance, my collection of medieval torture devices, Scottish terriers.

Favorite TV Shows: The Apprentice, The Mole, Survivor, Jeopardy.

Favorite Books: Books in which the wimpy characters all die.

Favorite Movies: I'm too busy to spend two hours sitting on my butt. I also hate sitting next to strangers, the smell of popcorn, and the sound of other people breathing.

Favorite Quotes: "It is better to be feared than loved." -Machiavelli

About Me: BA Princeton 2002, MBA Wharton 2006

Today: Alana is not going to anger management class. Just try to make her...


Jason Ludlow: Are you still in Hong Kong? I'm coming next month!

Charice Stinstein: Flores! I pushed an old lady down the stairs and thought of you! ;)

Sarah Sweenbaum: I saw an awesome bed of nails on E-bay.

Ian Kabra: Have fun in China, darling cousin. Natalie and I will take care of the "family business" in Paris. Better luck next time.